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Health Policy Predictions for 2020

Our last post listed health policy developments that happened at the end of 2019.  This time, we are looking into our crystal balls and making some friendly health policy predictions for 2020. States Will Take [...]

Top Ten “True” Health Plan Compliance Cliches

Here at the Friends…With HEALTH Benefits Blog, we love to make checklists and we talk about strategic planning a whole lot. We also love to discuss how brokers can provide greater client value by assisting [...]

Healthcare Price Transparency – What Will It Take To Make It Work?

This week we’ve had some long chats about healthcare price transparency. The Trump Administration just finalized a transparency initiative for hospitals. Another one is pending that will affect insurers and employer-sponsored health plans. So, lots [...]

ERISA Disclosures for Health Plans – Is There A Better Way?

This week we are talking about disclosures mandated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and its related amendments.  Or, what normal people call the paper that comes with your health insurance [...]

Open Enrollment for Brokers – The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Open Enrollment for Brokers – The Most Wonderful Time of The Year*   Congratulations friends, we're halfway through the fourth quarter and right in the thick of that joyful time known as open enrollment season! [...]